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Fishing at RBR



Bring your favorite fishing pole, or just a big long stick with some string and a hook.  Redbeard says you just need to stare real hard at the "fishies" and they'll jump into your lap (I don't know about that Redbeard).  Anyway, make sure you have your Missouri fishing license.  If you forget your bait, look for Redbeard ... he's probably got a worm or two in his pocket.






Redbeard thinks that he's quite a fly fisherman.  If you ask real nice I bet he'd show you a trick or two.  If you prefer a more organized approach, consider attending Chuck Bartels Fly Fishing School at RBR.









Chuck Bartels, Fly Fishing Instructor

Chuck Bartels has been fly fishing for over 40 years, growing up in northeastern Wisconsin with immediate access to over 900 miles of trout streams.  He currently fishes primarily in Wisconsin, Southern Missouri, and Wyoming.  He has attended fly fishing classes, including the Orvis fly fishing school.  He has taught fly fishing on an occasional basis for 10 years.  In addition,  Chuck has presented adult education courses at the junior college level and taught undergraduate students for a number of years.

Beginners Fly Fishing Class

The following information will be presented during a 6 hour Beginners Fly Fishing Class:

  • Overview of Fly Fishing

  • Brief History of Fly Rods and Types

  • Fly Rod Action and Selection

  • Types of Fly Lines

  • Fly Reels

  • Leaders and Tippets

  • Knots

  • Brief Overview of Flies and Hook Size

  • Casting

Participants will have the opportunity to practice casting various types and lengths of fly rods.  Instruction and practice will involve both "lawn casting" and "pond casting".

Items not covered: Entomology and fly tying.  Cost is $30 and includes a catered box lunch.




While most fishermen will prefer going after that trophy German Brown or Rainbow, others may prefer fishing for the bass, crappie, catfish and perch that inhabit Redbeard's Pond.  No license is required to fish on the property.






This 8-pound bass was caught by Robert Cobb (using a rubber worm for bait) while fishing with his children in the RBR Pond.  Please note, the fish is hanging from a scale.








These whoppers were caught by Rob and Marian Tarasovich in the RBR Pond.









You never can tell what you might pull out of the pond at Redbeard's Ranch!





Camping, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding and hunting at Redbeard's Ranch on the Niangua River.

Redbeard's Ranch

30075 Marigold Drive

Lebanon Mo.  65536

417-533-REDS (7337)

For information: Redbeard@RedbeardsRanch.com